hispanic dating sites sitesFlint and tinder. We’ll send a small release preset (3 box) of Flint and Tinder complements (we are dialing them Tinder cardboard boxes) shipped to your home.

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Flint and tinder. We’ll send a small release preset (3 box) of Flint and Tinder complements (we are dialing them Tinder cardboard boxes) shipped to your home.

Select this treat

Pledge $5 if not more About $5

You can get our personal undying gratitude… ADDITIONALLY: allow ‘em to get loved ones recognize we value standard and service America. Collectively we’re able to spark a revolution.

Pick this repay

Promise fifteen dollars or maybe more About $15

You will get 1 pair of premiums men’s OUTLINE, BOXERS, or BOXER-BRIEFS, for the coloration and proportions of your final choice, delivered around the united states.

REWARD: We’ll toss in a box of fits way too.

Choose this benefit

Oblige US$ 36 or higher About US$ 36

You can get 3 frames of premiums men’s OUTLINE, BOXERS, or BOXER-BREIFS through the 1 COLOURS and size of of your liking, shipped around the usa.

EXTRA: We’ll toss in a lot containers of fits also.

Identify this prize

Pledge $36 or maybe more About $36

unique CHOICE (5/17): 1 CLOTHING & 1 SET OF PANTIES. Find 1 SUPERIOR T when you look at the fashion and measurements of your liking, plus 1 pair of advanced men’s OUTLINE, BOXERS, or BOXER-BRIEFS (trunk area duration or criterion) inside the DESIGN and height and width of your preference, sent around the usa. BENEFIT: We’ll throw in a some matches way too. This is the best strategy to sample multiple big American-made wear.

Select this incentive

Pledge $75 or greater About $75

Obtain 7 sets of premiums men’s BRIEF, BOXERS, or BOXER-BREIFS to all of 7 DESIGNS (certainly each) for the measurements of your final choice, shipped anywhere in the united states.

BONUS: We’ll throw in a number of box of fights also.

Determine this incentive

Promise $75 or longer About $75

latest SOLUTION (5/17): 2 TOPS & 3 FRAMES OF PANTIES. Obtain 2 ADVANCED T’s for the elegance and proportions of your option, plus 3 pairs of advanced men’s BRIEFS, BOXERS, or BOXER-BRIEFS (trunk area period or standard – pick simply 1 elegance satisfy for any of 3 sets) when you look at the COLORS (could be many) and dimensions of your option, shipped around the US. BENEFIT: We’ll add in a few cardboard boxes of fits too. Essentially the finest solution to round out the gallery with many different close American-made wears.

Choose this hispanic dating white girl repay

Pledge $125 or maybe more About $125

You obtain an ASSORTMENT PACKAGE FOR YOURSELF DESIGN which includes 12 sets of top quality men’s OUTLINE, BOXERS, or BOXER-BREIFS (you can decide what percentage of each) in WHICHEVER IN OUR 7 SHADES YOU SELECT (all one coloring, a few of some but none of another, whatever enables you to delighted) when you look at the dimensions of your final choice, transported anywhere in the US. Makes a splendid present for some guy needing an upgrade! BONUS: We’ll throw in a group of boxes of meets as well.

Identify this benefit

Pledge $125 or longer About $125

newer OPTION (5/17): 3 TEES & 6 PAIRS OF UNDIES. A make-your-own collection-type mixed package. You get 3 ADVANCED T’s within the style and sized your final choice, plus 6 sets of superior men’s BRIEFS, BOXERS, or BOXER-BRIEFS (baggage amount or typical – choose countless models as you like) through the COLORINGS (could be a number of) and sized your preference, sent any place in the US (just one handle plz). ADDED BONUS: We’ll throw-in a few boxes of matches way too. It’s the best strategy to round out your very own gallery with various terrific American-made wear and/or share the joy with friends and family.

Determine this reward

Pledge $3,600 or greater About $3,600

You can get 365 sets of advanced men’s undergarments. That’s enough to put another set daily for annually!

Each will come independently boxed and that can be provided with as products since we will happily present you with varied types, variations and colours, per their specifications. And a lot of fights.

It isn’t a joke though; it’s a chance. Pick this method and rest simple understanding you have actually considering practically 4 consumers projects this thirty days!

BENEFIT: the internet site (and with luck , vendors sooner or later) will showcase a walls of Heroes. Over it will likely be pictures of those and things that motivate united states – Rocky, the main Ford Bronco, etc etc… therefore! We’ll even spend to enjoy an elegant portrait used anytime you like.

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